Welcome to the Woofie Star website!


On June 16, 2016 I was awarded with my Kennel name “Woofie Star”,  so Woofie Star is still a very young kennel. Luckily I am surrounded by expert breeders who support and help me where necessary. I study the pedigree, I am a member of the Dutch Keeshonden Club (pedigree-society) and I read as much as possible about the behavior of dogs.

Via the ”dogschool” ,where I took a course, I learned very much.

Also during my work as volunteer at the dog recreation garden in Rotterdam I continue to learn each day about the behavior of dogs and dog-signals.

The idea to become a breeder started with our own Keeshond Woola. My friend and I have so much pleasure from her so that we decided to share this with other people.

Because of this we only aim to breed domestic dogs with pedigree. Good health and character being number 1.

We obtained Woola from a responsible breeder, who also breeds her dogs regarding health and character. Besides of this the breeder had done everything to “socialize” the pup as much as possible. This we just had to continue and because of this we have tremendous pleasure from Woola.

The socialization of a pup starts already in the litter at the breeder’s and therefore I made for myself a “socialization list” of things I want to do with the pups…to socialize them as well as possible so that future owners will be greatly benefitted.

I hope to welcome the first litter of Woola and JJ in 2017.

Have a look at the website and if you have questions you can always contact me.

Much pleasure

Elycia Sieliakus